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Company profile

Ingenieurbüro Schlüter was founded in 1997 by the the company proprietor, Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Schlüter. The main field of tasks relates to the projecting and project management of overall installations. The following fields of tasks may be named here:

  • Elaboration of studies and drafts for the use of well-known or new technologies and compilation of offer documents for the implementation of projects.

    • Within the framework of the planning work specified above, determination of capacities

    • Preliminary design drafts and dimensioning

    • Acquisition and evaluation of offers from individual subsuppliers

  • Elaboration of higher-level documentation, taking account of existing regulations imposed by sets of statutory rules, for machines in large-scale plant engineering and special mechanical engineering.

  • Planning-related order processing with the customers for projects and with the subsuppliers concerned, including the necessary discussions at home and abroad.

  • Advice and organisational assistance during the processing of projects by monitoring erection work and collaborating in the commissioning and acceptance of installations.

Until now, Ingenieurbüro Schlüter has found areas of application and fields of activities in tasks such as:

  • Planning and development of installations and machines for the manufacture of steel pipes as well as of further-processing and finishing installations for pipeline pipes.

  • Design and plannning of modules in order to supply power-generation installations with coolants, lubricants and operating materials.

  • Installations and machines in order to manufacture components for the construction of industrial halls (roof and wall panels).

  • Feasibility studies with regard to the use of well-known technologies for new areas of application in the field of pipe coating in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institut in Saarbrücken.

  • Studies and drafting of offers for the design and dimensioning of installations for the manufacture of plastic pipes for gas and water supply.

The sales market for such installations and machines is to be found abroad. The projects concentrate on the Eastern-European and Arab regions as well as on parts of the European countries.
The planning relates not only to complete new installations but also to sections and individual machines. In addition, existing installations are modified and modernised.

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