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Erection and commissioning

Ingenieurbüro Schlüter can offer many possibilities for the field of erection and commissioning. In addition to the possibility of assuming responsibility for site management in person at home and abroad, individual services can also be rendered. These include, for example, the measurement of machine axes according to conventional measuring methods or the erection of single sub-assemblies using our own devices. If the scope of services is wider, the order is executed in cooperation with Firma Knepper GmbH. As a result of their daily work in their own workshops, the employees of Knepper GmbH possess very good expert competence and have access to extensive erection tools.
The employees of Knepper GmbH can also be deployed for inspection, maintenance and repair work.
Here, Ingenieurbüro Schlüter makes an assessment in advance in order to establish the scope of the work to be performed and to select the appropriate specialists. Expert employees are available as machine fitters, welders and hydraulic specialists.

As is evident from the references, these activities cover not only Germany but also foreign deployments in Iran and Algeria.

You can also find additional information on our pages about office equipment.

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