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Name and address

Schlüter Consulting
Planning office for industrial installations

Company proprietor
Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Schlüter
Egilmarstrasse 35
44379 Dortmund

Contact information

Telephone: +49 231 53 40 881
Fax: +49 231 53 40 882
Mobile: +49 160 444 66 42
e-mail: juergen@schlueter-sc.de
Website: www.schlueter-sc.de

Information about vocational title

Craft certificate in the training occupation of a maintenance fitter
Issued by the Bochum Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Graduate engineer in the subject of General Mechanical Engineering
Main subject: Design Engineering
Awarded by the Essen Comprehensive University

Welding engineer
Issued by the Duisburg Welding Training and Research Institute

Tax number

Tax no. 314 / 5165 / 0947


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