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Project processing

Pipe manufacture

Projecting, including the stipulation of the process, right up to the erection of a forming and welding line for special-steel pipes as a longitudinal mill for a maximum pipe diameter of 1000 mm and a length of 12 m for Denmark as an employee of HOESCH Maschinenfabrik Deutschland AG in Dortmund


Elaboration of a study with regard to the continuous manufacture of plastic pipes for drinking-water and gas supply in Algeria, including the stipulation of the product range in relation to application, medium, pipe quality, diameter and wall-thickness ranges and the production quantities to be expected, the stipulation of the process methods, the determination of the individual machines and the interlinking into a continuously working overall installation
Customer: W+K Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund

Planning of a complete spiral pipe mill for pipeline pipes with three spiral-pipe forming and welding machines, including the setting-up and testing of a newly developed welding-flux installation for a maximum pipe diameter of 48“ and a length of 12.3 m for India as an exmployee of HOESCH Maschinenfabrik Deutschland AG in Dortmund

Pipe coating/lining

Complete pipe coating plant for pipeline pipes in the three-layer process
The lower pipe-diameter range is coated in the hose coating process and the medium pipe-diameter range in the wrapping process. Here, the plants were destined for the Middle East. The scope included comprehensive advice to the companies performing the building work for the complete hall construction, for the hall construction with connected ancillary buildings and for the design of the machine foundations in cooperation with Ingenieurgesellschaft Dr. Schürmann in Dortmund

Project study with regard to the lining of drinking-water pipes with natural mineral building materials for pipe diameters up to 3 m for a drinking-water pipeline in Libya as an employee of KRUPP HOESCH TECNA GmbH in Dortmund

Heat treatment

Complete heat-treatment installation for a tubing/casing-pipe fabrication line, including downstream straightening and testing installations, for a maximum throughput of 10 t/h in Russia
Customer: W+K Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund

Construction engineering

Construction management for the elimination of fire damage to an office and warehouse building with the supervision of indoor and outdoor work, including the provision of temporary office rooms for the order-processing period in Dortmund
Customer: Mr. Middeldorf in Dortmund


Bill of quantities

Execution guidelines for user-programmable controllers with sequence diagrams, installation plans of the control stands and specifications for the emergency-stop circuits in pipe-coating plants as programming guidelines for the manufacturer of the controllers Dressel GmbH in Dortmund

Building-component plants

Installations for the manufacture of roof and wall cladding with an insulating core made of PUR foam or mineral wool with oriented fibres in continuous fabrication for the European region
Customer: W+K Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund

Waste-water installation

Pump installation for the rainwater system of an office building
Customer: Möckel GmbH & Co. in Dortmund

Installation engineering

Supply modules

Lubricating-oil supply modules for steam turbines for Iskenderun in Turkey and for Wai Gao Qiao in China
Vessel size: 30 m2
Customer: IKL Anlagentechnik in Haan

Complete fuel-processing modules for diesel engines, installed in a 40-foot container for the Middle East
Customer: IKL Anlagentechnik in Haan

Vehicle bodies

Detail of vehicle body

Roll-off vessel, clad with aluminium sheets and with built-in special-steel tanks for fire-service vehicles in Germany
Customer: Fahrzeugbau Heines in Wuppertal

Testing devices

Porosity testing installation for longitudinal pipes in the run-through process in Siegen with a maximum testing speed of 18 m/min
Customer: ELMET in Essen

Designs for testing devices within the framework of DIN 30670 for pipe finishing and pipe manufacture according to the API standard
Customer: COESFELD in Dortmund

Research and development

New development of online testing systems for the characterisation and checking of plastic coatings on steel pipes with microwave and thermographical measurements in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institut für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren (IZFP) in Saarbrücken and NDT Systems & Services AG

Personnel management


Theoretical and practical training of employees of the subsequent operators of ordered installations, not only on machines in Germany but also at the destination, as an employee of KRUPP HOESCH TECNA GmbH in Dortmund

Project management


Erection / commissioning / acceptance

The task of being the site manager was performed in connection with many deployments abroad. His particular tasks included the initial measurement of the machine axes according to conventional surveying methods, the completion of customs formalities at the time of delivery and the performance of test runs, including the drafting of acceptance reports
In this case, the customers were W+K Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG, KRUPP HOESCH TECNA GmbH and HOESCH Maschinenfabrik Deutschland AG

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